International Nepalese Blood Donors Association (Inbda)


Here are some frequently asked questions about INBDA:
  1. “Is International Nepalese Blood Donors Association . (INBDA) an NGO?”
    Yes, INBDA is a International humanitarian Non-Religious, Non-Political, Non-Government and Non-Profit Organization founded with the aim to increase regular Nepali Blood Donors globally.
  2. “How is INBDA Financially supported?”
    As INBDA is a Non-Profit making organization, it’s hard to run on financial ground. Recognizing this and our work, our well-wishers and volunteers help us financially. Similarly, some other organizations too sponsor our events and programs. But, we encourage individuals to support.
  3. “I want to support INBDA. How can I?”
    One can help/support our organization by three means: By donating blood and encouraging others to donate blood regularly, by Volunteering and making presence in our programs and events and lastly by financial ways like making available the resources required to run an office also through our bank accounts.
  4. “Does one need to pay to get your services?”
    No, you don’t need to pay to get our services. We are a service motive organization volunteering for the welfare of society.
  5. “Who is running the organization?”
    Nepalese around the globe who having keen interests in Blood Donations and Social Work are running our organization.
  6. “Is there any age bound to join the organization?”
    No, people of any age group can be a part of our organization.

Blood Donars Basics

  1. What is Blood?
    Blood is essential to life. Blood circulates through our body and delivers essential substances like oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells. It also transports metabolic waste products away from those same cells. There is no substitute for blood. It cannot be made or manufactured. Generous blood donors are the only source of blood for patients in need of a blood transfusion.
  2. Why Give Blood?
    Giving blood saves lives. The blood you give is a lifeline in an emergency and for people who need long-term treatments. Many people would not be alive today if donors had not generously given their blood.
  3. Can I Donate Blood?
    Many potential blood donors believe that they can’t donate blood due to medical or other reasons. But whether you’ve heard or read information about donation restrictions or been turned down in the past, please do not self defer. You may be able to say “Yes I can!” and share your power through blood donation. Sometimes it is not possible for you to give blood, or we may have to ask you to wait for a period of time before donating again. To save donors from wasted time and wasted journeys, this page addresses some of the most common questions about eligibility.If you have an existing medical condition, or have a question about your eligibility to give blood, you should check the health & eligibility.
  4. Can I donate if I feel ill, have a chesty cough, a cold sore or am coming down with a cold?
    If you are feeling under the weather with any of these things it’s best that you wait until you feel better before you give blood.
  5. Can I donate blood if I am taking antibiotics or have an infection?
    You must be completely healed or recovered from any infection for at least 14 days before you give blood. If you are taking antibiotics you may need to wait a period of time after your last tablet.
  6. Can I donate if I am pregnant, or have recently been pregnant?
    During your pregnancy, you are not able to give blood. If you had a blood transfusion during your pregnancy or at delivery then you will not be able to become a blood donor.
  7. Can I give blood if I am receiving medical treatment or taking medication?
    We’ll need to check that you can donate. Whether or not you can donate will depend on the medication you are receiving as well as the condition for which you are being treated.
  8. Can I give blood if I have been to the dentist or received dental treatment?
    Simple fillings and check ups are usually ok after 24 hours. However, some treatments will mean a longer deferral.
  9. Can I give blood if I have a heart condition?
    We will need to have more information to know if you can give blood. It will depend on your specific heart condition.
  10. Can I donate if I have got a tattoo or a body piercing?
    If you had this done recently you may have to wait before you can donate again.
  11. Can I give blood if I have had a transfusion, or received blood products or an organ transplant?
    We may need more information about your transfusion. If you have received tissue or an organ, it may be possible to donate blood.
  12. Can I donate blood if I have high or low blood pressure?
    It is possible to donate blood if you have high blood pressure or low blood pressure. However, there are some restrictions.
  13. Can I give blood if I have had acupuncture?
    Can I give blood if I have had acupuncture? It may be possible to give blood after acupuncture. We will need to know the reason you had the treatment and the certification of the acupuncturist.