International Nepalese Blood Donors Association (Inbda)

About Us

International Nepalese Blood Donors, Inc. (INBD) the humanitarian organization is a non-religious, non-political and non-profit organization founded in 2014 with the aim to increase regular Nepali Blood Donors globally. INBD works to motivate Nepalese for Blood Donation around the globe, support to Blood Donation Movement in Nepal, organize related activities locally & Internationally. INBD is officially registered in Florida, USA and its members, donors and well-wishers are supporting to the movement from the more than 20 countries globally.


The main objective of the organization is to assist and motivate the Nepalese communities in the world to regularly donate blood; to assist to establish local committees to organize blood donations on a regular basis; to create awareness on importance of blood donation; and also help increase the number of regular donors in Nepal.


The Mission of the Corporation is to serve the Nepalese communities in the world with support from the Nepalese blood donors and assistance from various agencies which support the blood donation program in saving life.

President Message

I am honored to be associated with my friends who believe in saving life by donating blood.

Our organization, International Nepalese Blood Donors, Inc., was established in 2014 in consultation with seventeen such great individuals around the world who have passion for blood donation to save life. I would like to thank Mr. Arjun Mainali, our first President, for such a brilliant idea to unite the blood donors living in different parts of the world under the umbrella of this organization.

International Nepalese Blood Donors, Inc. (INBD) is a non-profit organization with its mission to motivate the members of Nepalese communities worldwide to regularly donate blood; to assist in organizing blood donation drives; and to help increase the number of regular donors in Nepal by partnering with local voluntary organizations. So far, we have reached out to twenty different countries worldwide. We still have a lot to do.

We team-up with other organizations worldwide. Our members participate and encourage others to participate in donating blood. The blood donation programs are happening in the Nepalese communities around the world. In some countries similar blood donation groups or organizations have been formed. We applaud such efforts.

We team-up with voluntary organizations in Nepal to help increase the number of donors and are constantly seeking for opportunities to work together. Last year INBD and Blood Donors of America worked as a team to help Blood Donors Association of Nepal in conducting a nationwide poetry competition. This event was a great success. We have assisted few organizations for their motivational needs as well.

I welcome you to explore our organization and our work in bringing the Nepalese blood donors around the world together. We are here to help with any questions or concerns regarding blood donation activities. Please feel free to contact me or our members at the contact information provided.

Thank you,

Ajaya Satyal

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